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In late 2016, two young entrepreneurs (Robin & Mikko) each set their own projects to the side to put their heads together and take on the worldwide watch industry. Tired of boring designs and low quality manufacturing, the two set out to bring affordable modern luxury watches of the highest quality to consumers all around the globe.

Here’s Why Filippo Loreti Will Be The Best Watch You’ll Ever Own

Italian Design

Limited Edition to 1641 pieces

World-Class Manufacturing

10 Year Warranty

Italian Leather

Directly to You

Collector’s Box

Interchangeable Straps Guide

Each Ballardier strap comes with a quick-release pin that allows you to easily swap out your strap at home without the use of any tools. All of our straps are compatible with all of our watches.


Using your thumb, slide the lever sideways and remove from holes.


With the lever held back, place strap into holes and release to secure.